Virtual Education Safety Videos

NextFab’s educational content was delivered largely in person before COVID-19, and needed to orient a large number of first time distance learners to video conferencing software and tools. When we reopened facilities, we had the need to acquaint our existing customers to the new safety protocols put in place for COVID-19 sanitization. I created a series of short videos to be sent to members after signing up for a class, using Adobe Spark, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and Adobe Illustrator. This example covers our distance learning.

MakerFaire Philadelphia

Advanced Manufacturing Readiness Program (RERAMP)

The Advanced Manufacturing Readiness Program, funded by a grant from the PA Department of Education, was an 18 month program to help provide exposure and basic job skills for those interested in manufacturing careers, with a goal of eventual job placement for candidates who passed my evaluation criteria. This required me to make extensive connections with local manufacturers and act as a facilitator for their hiring candidate pools. Participants were graded on both their technical abilities and their soft skills, and matched with interviews based on areas of study and individual needs. At the program’s end, I had placed 15 candidates into jobs, and gotten another 10 interviews with potential employers.

STEM for Parents

Open Enrollment and Health Insurance Basics

As a startup, RJMetrics employed many young adults fresh out of college or aging out of their parents’ insurance plans. I created and delivered simplified, friendly training to introduce insurance concepts prior to our open enrollment process. The training was designed to blend humor with accurate information to keep our staff engaged, and the tone on-brand with our company culture.

RJMetrics Employee Handbook

RJMetrics was a SAS startup company. After experiencing explosive growth, we had a need for onboarding materials and guidebooks that could be distributed to the incoming employees being hired each month. I created documentation that was both friendly and informative, outlining our core values while communicating our most important asset – our company culture. I included photos and videos of company history, and resources for how to find everything a new hire would need.